Fifty Hubsets, Fifty Riders, Fifty Bucks Off

We are pleased to announce our new 11-speed road hubs are now in stock.

Same open-source, high quality, made-in-USA contruction that has made Pacenti the go-to hub for many of North America's premier wheelbuilders.

Like all our hubs, these feature optimized flange spacing for improved tension ratios, resulting in stiffer, truer and more durable wheels.

A Fifty-Fifty Proposition

We think you're going to like these new hubs so much, we'll make you a special proposition: first 50 riders to buy the first 50 new Pacenti 11-speed road hubsets get them at $50 off. (Just one set per customer, please. Honor system; please don't be greedy.)

Regular price is $465. First 50 customers pay $50 bucks less—, which is $415, which is just shy of an 11% savings, and which is 50 darn good reasons to be one of those first 50 customers.

Best of all, they're on the site right now. While supplies last, anyway. No special coupons, promotional codes, secret handshakes...none of that junk. We just lowered the price on the first fifty, and when they're gone, they're gone. (Hint: check the quantity available. As you can see, they're already going fast.)

Got  a question? our firendly Customer Servce folks are standing by, M-F. 423.531.6135.


Jack Reading Starts the Season Right

Congratulations to Pacenti DH racer Jack Reading (One Vision Global Racing) for a stellar performance Sunday in Pampilhosa da Serra, in the hilly Coimbra District of Portugal. 

With Pacenti 1x chainring driving DL31 wheels and chewing up a stony but fairly smooth course (see Jack's practice video below), Jack put in a blistering final run, finishing a scant 1.1 seconds back from reigning World Champion Josh Bryceland.

Well done, Jack, and keep up the great work!

Here's some highlights from Jack's practice runs give you a feel for the course:

Portugal Cup, Pampilhosa, practice with Jack Reading from Phil Reading on Vimeo.


Pacenti DL31: Good Enough for the Toughest Guides


Man, do we love this kind of feedback from our mountain bike customers. And when that feedback comes with a pic of a killer Intense Spider 29 Comp at Sedona's epic Grand Central? Fuhgeddaboutit!

Matt's Intense Spider 29 Comp at Grand Central Trail in Sedona

"I've been using Pacenti rims on my bikes for the last 3 years. Simply put, the DL 31 29er rim is as good as it gets. We guide 10 months out of the year in Durango, Sedona, Moab and many other areas and these rims just roll right along. Strong, light....just bomb-proof!"  Matt, Hermosa Tours


Thanks a million, Matt. Folks like you is why we do what we do!


PS- Please send more pics!


TL28 Unboxing Video

Check out  this nifty unboxing video for our TL28 wheelset, courtesy of Pacenti customer Marius in Toronto, Canada.

Very thorough, well-produced (even the music!) and chock-full of useful product information. Marius covers packaging, weight, rim profile, spokes and spoke tension, conversion options, hubs...even valves and rim tape!


We work really hard to design and build top-quality wheels, and Marius picks up on a lot of critical details that savvy riders look for when making a wheel selection—from bead seating and weld quality to how the spokes sit correctly flush with the nipple slots, to freehub construction and even packaging.

TL28 Unboxing ScreencapYou can see more of Marius' reviews on his YouTube Channel, LoveMTB.

Note: Just to clarify a point made in the video, all Pacenti wheels are hand-laced, machine-built, and then hand finished before shipping.


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Pacenti CL25: Not Just For XC

The Pacenti CL25 was originally designed as a cross-country mountain bike rim, and it's certainly been a killer choice for lightweight XC race bikes.

It comes as no surprise that more and more road bikers are falling in love with the CL25's simplicity, durability and lightweight; it's quickly becoming the go-to rim for disc-equipped cyclo-cross race bikes, gravel grinders, commuters and road racers alike.

To get an idea of the CL25 from a road cyclist's perspective, check out this quick review from John in Watertown, MA:

"I'm not a professional wheelbuilder, but I have been building wheels for 25 years. I've built with a wide range of rims which have covered the spectrum from horrible, to straightforward to build with. The finish quality and durability of those rims has been all over the place too. With that as background, I can report that the CL25s were amongst the easiest - if not the very easiest - rims to build with that I have used. They were effortless to get round and true with even tension, and their use of eyelets make bringing the wheel up to tension easy compared to a non-eyeleted rim. The impression of overall quality is very high, with an accurate ERD, a blemish-free surface finish and no drilling swarf to deal with.They are a tubeless-ready rim so the use of a thin rim tape is mandatory. Using Pacenti's own brand tape, I haven't had any difficulty mounting a variety of tyres, but all my use so far has been with tubes.Speaking of use, I don't have a ton of miles on them, so I can't report on durability yet. However, I'm looking forward to working on that problem!"

And don't miss these killer shots of the Pacenti CL25 ready to roll on John's absolutely awesome Seven Evergreen.

Seven Evergreen with Pacenti CL25 Rim

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